Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Growing In Confidence

One of the big things I wanted to achieve this past year was to grow in confidence and get talking to more people. Much to my surprise 2016 was the year! I'm the type of person who would be described as shy and therefore not cool enough to talk to by most, let's be honest that's how it feels. I always thought that outgoing people had the secret, the key to confidence and I just couldn't figure it out. Well I can tell you there's no real secret, confidence develops with time and it's different for everyone. Some things that have helped me are friends, starting a new college and realising I had to be myself.

At the start of the year with everyone turning 18 and having parties I took this as an opportunity to socialise with the people from Sixth Form that I wouldn't normally. I mean at parties most people are drunk so they'll talk to anyone quite happily, because I knew this I found it easier to talk to them. Then in school these people from the party wouldn't seem so scary to talk to anymore and in fact talked to me more because I'd spoken to them at a party. I'd just like to note that this doesn't mean you have to get drunk to talk to people, most the time I wasn't drunk just the other person was haha!
Some of my best friends I've know years and others a matter of months, either way they've all been such a big help in pushing me. I find it helps when you open up to your friends and tell them how you struggle in some situations (they always seem to know how to get you to do things you find uncomfortable).
Starting art college with a completely new set of people was by far the biggest test of my confidence this year. I knew a few people on my course who had been in my school previously but I still started out with that knot in my stomach and a sense of loneliness. Turns out arty people are lovely and mental much like myself so it wasn't so hard to find something to talk about. One of the girls from my old school has now become one of my closest friends, she's so outgoing and tells me when I'm being ridiculous which is what you need in a best friend haha.

The last thing I'm going to mention is presentations. Now I think that's anyone suffering with anxiety's idea of living hell and has certainly been mine for the past couple of years. Two years ago I had a physics presentation which was coursework, I was so scared that I was physically shaking and my voice sounded really weird! On the art foundation course I started in September we've had critical assessments where we present our work to the rest of the group in a sort of informal manner. We don't plan what we say beforehand and I think its this that's allowed me to develop my ability to communicate exactly what I want to say without stumbling about with words! We've now done so many of them that they barely make me nervous at all (I still get a little anxious but then I think that's normal for everyone really haha).

Let me know if you've had a similar experience with "coming out of your shell" as they say. Would be interesting to see if this is a common thing amongst teens.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Summer Adventures: Durham

Durham's a city that I don't have any memory of visiting ever, but I'm told that I'd been when I was younger. When thinking of some place to visit with my friend we decided to go. Although I later discovered there isn't very much to do in Durham for two young people, it's a place your grandparents would take you for a day out... well mine would at least! Granddad I'm thinking of you!
But we'd managed to turn the day into a crazy adventure somehow anyway, lets just say we can be a bit silly when we go out.
First we went to the cathedral which was pretty cool but the reason I was interested was because I wanted to see the Lego model of the cathedral that they had there, totally mature adult right here! It was pretty cool actually and I felt like I had to see it on my sisters behalf as she's obsessed with Lego (she's 11 so I guess that's more acceptable haha).
After that we went to find a place to eat which for some reason is always the longest and most difficult decision we have to make because neither of us are at all fussy about food. The conversation will always go along the lines of "well where do you fancy going? I'm not fussy about where we go."
"Oh I don't really mind either. I'll go wherever" and then that normally goes on for quite a while!
In the afternoon we went out on the river in a row boat which was a lot of fun. I think we were probably the noisiest people on the river; playing music and shouting every time I crashed or he got water in the boat (which was a lot... we were soaked)! We got some odd stares but I just think that made it even funnier to be honest and with that we discovered that maybe our rowing could use a little improvement... we're not Olympic ready yet! But I was definitely the better rower ;P

After that somewhat exhausting experience we ended up just sitting down in the centre and nattering about anything and everything, when we finally decided to look in some shops we realised that they'd all started closing which is just typical. So we just headed home and stop off at pizza hut on the way.