Saturday, 20 June 2015

EasyAcc Review

Hey guys, it's a whole week since I was at Download Festival (I think I've just about recovered). I mentioned I would be using a portable power charger for my phone at Download and as this is the first time I've used the EasyAcc Power Bank I thought I would write you guys a review.

I bought this off Amazon and had no trouble using it, it comes with two USB slots which means you can charge multiple devices at once! Also there are four lights that indicate how full the power bank is which I found to be very useful.

But I was most surprised by how long the EasyAcc lasted on one charge, I charged my phone fully three times and only 1 out of 4 lights had gone out over the whole weekend! I continued to use it throughout the week and still haven't had to charge it!
This charger really can be a life saver if you're not near a power source for a good few days, you could even take this to college/work as it's reasonably small, just in case you run low throughout the day.

Overall a great product and I'm very glad I bought it as I will be using it a lot in the future and it saved on forking out to charge my phone at the festival.

Also the EasyAcc's were on offer when I made my purchase which made it even more of a bargain!

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Saturday, 13 June 2015


This week Sid has been mostly sitting by my window watching the birds fly by, he sits on my sofa and places his paws on the windowsill, cutee! He's also a really big poser which you will probably see throughout these Saturdays.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Festival checklist

So as I'm off to Download Festival on Friday (excited is an understatement) I thought I would do a Festival check-list for any of you festival goers out there!

  • Okay this one's important; always carry a bottle of water with you as the weather will no doubt change from hot to cold, to windy and wet. Partying it up at a festival can make you seriously dehydrated so always carry a bottle of water.
  • Hand sanitizer & baby wipes are your best friends (trust me hygiene levels at festivals are v. low)
  • Always carry tissues with you, you never know when a portaloo is empty, you may need those.
  • Always keep your phone charged as you may be separated from others (I'd suggest buying a power bank  for your phone, they'll save you paying for a locker on site with a socket in).
  • Waterproof Poncho, much more lightweight than an ordinary waterproof coat.
  • Sun-cream + After-sun; important as you'll be outside at all times and even when it's overcast it is best to use sun-cream.
  • Sunglasses
  • Earplugs; there can be a lot of unwanted noise at the campsite.
  • Wellies; it WILL be muddy.
  • Clothing for cold and warm weather.
  • A lot of bin bags; for rubbish/keeping clothes and stuff dry.
  • Pop-up tent, sleeping bag etc.
  • Batteries for cameras/torches etc.
  • Your tickets!!
  • Hair bobbles + grips (lets face it your hair isn't going to get washed for a few days so you may want to use dry shampoo!)
  • Last but certainly not least money, food will be very expensive so remember to bring small snacks to keep you going during the day.
These are the basics really. Just don't forget to have fun and stay safe!
And if you're a Download Goer I hope you have as much fun as I do this weekend.

PS ~ I will be doing a review of the EasyAcc power bank once I've returned on Monday as its the first time I will have used one! I may also do a lookbook type thing of my festival outfits.


Monday, 8 June 2015

Trip to York

On Friday I went to York by train with my two best friends, the trip was in fact a two month late birthday present for me because we were all too stressed about exams at the time to celebrate!
Here's a little bit of what we got up to on our travels to York, which by the way is a beautiful city and you should definitely visit if you get the chance!

It was the warmest I think it's been this year so far so it really was a lovely day, we even managed to grab a free Coke at a stand when we got exhausted and thirsty!

We also visited the Disney store and I couldn't resist buying my first tsum tsum so I got a Stitch, how cute!

Let me know the exciting places you've been to on your travels recently!

Saturday, 6 June 2015


I thought I would introduce to you my beautiful cat Sid. He's about 6 years old, a little grumpy and constantly catching mice, birds, and more unfortunately the occasional mole or bat.
I thought I might make this a weekly thing, just a photo of my cat being funny, cute or weird.

Monday, 1 June 2015

It's been two months...

Okay so I haven't been regular at all with the blog yet, massively due to my exams (which I am happy to say are almost over, my last one is on Wednesday woohoo!!). I've had plenty of post ideas in-between studying that I've jotted down as drafts which I can't wait to type up and share with you.

I've also got plenty of exciting plans for over the summer coming up so I HOPE to be blogging regularly. Maybe even capturing more photographs like this one I took last year.