Saturday, 16 July 2016

Summer Adventures: York

A week ago I stayed in the beautiful city of York for a night with two of my friends.
One thing we really wanted to do was a ghost walk, York has quite a few different ghost walks you can do but the one we chose was a great mix of history and scary stories of ghosts around the city. If you ever get the opportunity to go on one I would definitely recommend it, and they're especially fun with friends!

We also went to the Yorkshire museum and Art Gallery, which has some really amazing War artwork on display at the minute and also some beautiful pottery work. Of course I always feel the need to have a mess around in galleries (I think it comes from watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off a few to many times haha!).

The best part of the art gallery definitely had to be this cool interactive thing that put your face onto a portrait! We may have spent a little too much time pulling ridiculous faces at it... or at least I did!

Then we went to the York Dungeon, which I hadn't done before, I thought I'd find it scary or at least that it would make me jump, but it turns out I found it all incredibly funny and I had a great time laughing at my two friends who jumped a lot more than me (sorry guys I love you really)!

There's also loads of lovely little cafe's and shops around York that we looked around taking particular interest in The Armoury, which had so many cool swords and weapons!

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