Saturday, 2 July 2016

Light at the End of a Very Dark Tunnel

Well I'm here, I reached the end of A-levels and I'm alive and recovering (because seriously they drain so much energy and are exhausting)!

So now I have to forget about exams and the possible mistakes I've made because at the end of the day you can only ever do your best! Time to look forward to the next two months of fun filled adventure!!
I'm hoping to get back into blogging now, mainly because it's like a little diary of my life that's been missing a few months. I've bought myself a planner and diary to keep things organised and hopefully I wont be neglecting my blog from now on!
I literally cannot contain my excitement, as there's so much to look forward to! It's a nice feeling when you've been working hard and you finally get that break that you thought would never come around. Although now I'm left with the odd sense that I'm procrastinating from revision, so currently I'm battling that conflict in my mind.
I hope you all make the most of your summer and enjoy yourselves and you'll be hearing more from me over the summer!!
Libby :D

P.S. Yes those are Wookie Cookies and yes I am a nerd!


  1. Ah it's such a relief when exams are over. I hope yours went well and that you have a fab summer! You're free! I'm in year 12 and have a loooot of homework and stuff to do for year 13 but still the relief of no exams for a while is amazing and you're completely free, it must feel so refreshing!x

    1. It certainly is a relief once they're over! Ahh I remember being in your position last year with all the homework, it's no fun. Year 13 although being a lot of hard work may end up being your best year yet, I know mine was! :) x