Sunday, 20 September 2015

Love/Hate Tag

A couple of days ago I was tagged by Emma from emslittlebox to do the Love/Hate Tag. You can check out Emma's Love/Hate post here. I decided to do this tag as it was a nice way for you to find out a little more about me.

10 Things I Hate.
I thought I'd start with the negatives, I'm not a very negative person so it's actually 7 things, I struggled to come up with many and I didn't really want to add small trivial things that in fact I'm not bothered about.

Stress - I understand that everyone gets stressed sometimes but I believe teenagers can be put under a lot of unnecessary stress at a time where they have to make difficult changes and decisions. Sometimes I find myself overwhelmed and I find it difficult to resist the temptation to curl up into a ball and ignore the world around me.

Feeling Helpless - With the recent media coverage on refugees in Syria I found myself feeling helpless and I wished I could have been there to help take refugees to safety. However I did overcome this case of helplessness, when I found out there are places all over the UK where you can donate sleeping bags and other supplies to help those in need.

Not knowing what I want to do at Uni - So this one just plain annoys me, I wish I was like one of the lucky ones who just knew what they want to do as a career or even what they want to do at Uni. There are so many different courses and Universities that I feel overwhelmed. It's a decision I'm going to have to make soon and that freaks me out.

Anxiety/Nerves - So due to a mixture of anxiety and my lack of confidence when I have peoples attention, when it comes to doing a presentation or something similar I get very close to calapsing on the floor in a big pile of nerves and sweat. I hate that this happens to me as I know this situation will come up several times in my life and I don't want to end up exhausted with worry every time.

When people are glued to their phones - No not literally, but when you're with people and they're on their phone all the time it's a little sad. People have become attached to their phones, it's like an extra limb. Sometimes I get the same but it annoys me and sometimes I wish the damned things weren't even invented!

Soap Operas - Whenever one start I have to turn over the channel, things like Eastenders and Made in Chelsea really bug me. They're just so unrealistic and the actors are so annoying, no one in my family luckily are fans of soaps. They're just not our cuppa tea.

Big Spiders - I'm totally fine with small ones but bigger ones have to go. I can't relax knowing it's in the same room as me.

10 Things I Love.
Now for the cheery part.

Cats - That being the first one probably makes me sound like some crazy cat lady haha. But I just love that they curl up near you and can behave quite odd which is always a laugh. And I absolutely will stop in the street to try and stroke one.

Family & Friends - Nothing could possibly mean more to me than family, our family is probably seen as quite unusual but they make me laugh and we all share an odd sense of humour that few seem to understand. Similar goes to my friends, a lovely bunch of people that I hope I'm still friends with once we've all gone our separate ways to Uni etc.

Holidays & Adventuring - There's something I find incredibly exciting about going on holiday, I think it's the fact that I know I don't have to think about any stress from home & college. Also I just love discovering beautiful places and going on walks.

Music - I find music is a great way to escape, and I just enjoy listening. I love live music, at festivals you always discover something new. Also I find music can remind me of lovely memories from the past which I'd forgotten.

Books - I love that when I start to read a book I can play it out like a film in my imagination, does anyone else get this? It then draws me in and I normally sit and read a book for as long as I can until I finish it. I haven't read a book in a while though which makes me a little sad, any great suggestions of books I should read would be greatly appreciated!

Autumn - I pretty much summed up why I love autumn in my previous post. But what I love most is going on a walk when the leaves are still falling and that autumn smell that's fresh, cold and slightly smokey.

Food - haha, who doesn't love eating things that taste goodd?!

Thunder & Lightning - This gets me uber excited haha. I love watching lightning rip through the sky and counting the gap between the thunder. Also I tend to associate thunder & lightning with Harry Potter, I'm not sure where that associating comes from but there is nothing quite like snuggling up to watch Harry Potter in a thunder storm!

Photography - I love looking at photographs which is why I love Instagram so much, it's a place to hold memories and laugh about them in the future. But I love taking photographs even more!

Rain - In the evening when you're curled up in bed or sat on the sofa watching a film, the sound of heavy rain always calms me and quite often helps me get off to sleep. I'm not entirely sure what's so calming about the rain, I just know that I love the sound.


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