Friday, 31 July 2015

Han Solo Costume

I promised I'd show you the costume I wore to Comic Con so I thought I would make a post about it. First of all I decided to go as Han Solo from Star Wars and looked at these photos to get a good idea of how to make the costume.

To make the holster I took apart an old leather bag, reusing practically all of it including the metal buckles.

I used poppers to attach the leg strap and gun strap to the holster. I then used the buckles off the bag to make the part that attaches to the belt. I had found the two leather belts in a charity shop in my town which were the perfect size.

I got this bit of watch as a brooch from Whitby and thought it would make a great copy of the little gizmo on his belt. I also glued pockets to the belt and added clips at the front and back which clipped to the holster.

I spray painted a toy Han Solo gun I bought off amazon to make it look more realistic as it was originally white & orange I also spray painted a piece of cardboard for the bit at the back of the belt and spray painted the eagle as it was looking pretty shabby.

I bought a blouse from H&M, originally I bought it because I liked it, however it was perfect for this costume. I used some old walking trousers and tacked some red bias binding down the legs which I then drew black lines on with a Sharpie. The waistcoat was my sisters which she wore for a costume once. The boots came from Next last year, they were my mums but were perfect and are a pretty good match to Han Solo's. To complete the look I bought a Chewbacca toy!

Here is the full costume modelled by an angry looking me haha!

This costume was relatively cheap to do as I mostly reused thing I already owned, I only had to buy the gun, Chewbacca toy, some spray paint & the belts (but they were very cheap).
Let me know what you think of my attempt at Han Solo's outfit!

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