Monday, 27 July 2015

Film & Comic Con

So last week I travelled down to London by train to go to Film & Comic Con with my sister and dad. I thought I'd tell you a little about what I got up to.

It wasn't too busy when we arrived however we still had to queue around the block to get in, which isn't great when everyone is dressed up and standing in direct sunlight. Once we got through the doors it was a little daunting as there were no clear maps or guides for when things were on or where things were. So we decided to just explore the place (which by the way had 4 floors and mainly consisted of stalls).

I dressed up as Han Solo from Star Wars on the first day but decided to wear my normal clothes for the rest of the weekend as it was just to awkward and uncomfortable with the heat (I'm sorry I'm not a hardcore cosplayer!!). I assembled my costume myself and put a lot of work into it so another post will be dedicated to that later. My sister dressed as Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6 and she even had a Baymax toy to carry.

On the saturday we decided to go later as it was probably the busiest day with a lot of people crowding around the actors/actresses. My dad decided to brave his Stormtrooper costume for half a day and he got plenty of signatures from the cast. One actor I was SUPER happy to have chatted to was John Ratzenberger (for those who don't know he voiced several characters for pixar films and voices a character on Inside Out), he talked to us about Cheers, an old TV show he was in, so we made a deal that if my sister & I watch Cheers he will watch Big Hero 6. Definitely a promise I will keep.

I was sad when I found out Carrie Hope Fletcher was there doing a book signing on Saturday and didn't see her. I was even on the same floor for the majority of that day  *insert cry face*. On the way back to the car we saw two Marvel Lego characters which looked totally awesome and I can't believe they made their costumes themselves! You can check out there Instagrams here & here.

However I didn't think this Con was very well organised as actors such as Michael J. Fox were crammed in small spaces that were just blocked off by fans. Another thing that was unpleasant was that it was incredibly hot in the building and there didn't seem to be any air conditioning.
All in all I don't think we'll be attending this event again despite there being some amazing actors as it just wasn't as fun as the MCM Comic Con I went to last year, a lot more people were dressed up and battling outside on the green, and there was just generally a better atmosphere.

Despite all the negatives I do always enjoy going down to London to visit my dad and still had a trip full of laughter and fun! I can't really complain.

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