Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Festival checklist

So as I'm off to Download Festival on Friday (excited is an understatement) I thought I would do a Festival check-list for any of you festival goers out there!

  • Okay this one's important; always carry a bottle of water with you as the weather will no doubt change from hot to cold, to windy and wet. Partying it up at a festival can make you seriously dehydrated so always carry a bottle of water.
  • Hand sanitizer & baby wipes are your best friends (trust me hygiene levels at festivals are v. low)
  • Always carry tissues with you, you never know when a portaloo is empty, you may need those.
  • Always keep your phone charged as you may be separated from others (I'd suggest buying a power bank  for your phone, they'll save you paying for a locker on site with a socket in).
  • Waterproof Poncho, much more lightweight than an ordinary waterproof coat.
  • Sun-cream + After-sun; important as you'll be outside at all times and even when it's overcast it is best to use sun-cream.
  • Sunglasses
  • Earplugs; there can be a lot of unwanted noise at the campsite.
  • Wellies; it WILL be muddy.
  • Clothing for cold and warm weather.
  • A lot of bin bags; for rubbish/keeping clothes and stuff dry.
  • Pop-up tent, sleeping bag etc.
  • Batteries for cameras/torches etc.
  • Your tickets!!
  • Hair bobbles + grips (lets face it your hair isn't going to get washed for a few days so you may want to use dry shampoo!)
  • Last but certainly not least money, food will be very expensive so remember to bring small snacks to keep you going during the day.
These are the basics really. Just don't forget to have fun and stay safe!
And if you're a Download Goer I hope you have as much fun as I do this weekend.

PS ~ I will be doing a review of the EasyAcc power bank once I've returned on Monday as its the first time I will have used one! I may also do a lookbook type thing of my festival outfits.


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